John McAneney

Director of Risk Frontiers

Professor John McAneney is the Managing Director of Risk Frontiers, an independent Research Centre set up as a R&D company at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Risk Frontiers seeks to provide the insurance industry with modelling expertise related to the pricing and understanding of natural hazards risks and catastrophe exposure. Risk Frontiers is also increasingly working with emergency managers.

John's specialty hazards interests are in bushfire, flood, volcanic and seismic risk and decision-making and policy issues surrounding a wide range of natural hazards. He has expertise in Probabilistic Modelling, Quantitative Risk Assessment and Cost Benefit and Real Options analyses.

John's earlier background was in physics, soil science, weather risk and financial risk analysis. He has 95 refereed publications on various aspects of weather risk, boundary layer physics and natural catastrophe risks. He also has French language skills.

John McAneney

Areas of expertise:

  • Probalistic Modelling
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Cost Benefit Analyses
  • Real Options Analyses