In 1994 we helped establish Risk Frontiers, an independent research centre sponsored by the insurance industry. Risk Frontiers provides the insurance industry with vital modelling expertise related to the pricing and understanding of natural hazards risks and catastrophe exposure in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Solution

Risk Frontiers is regarded as a world leader in quantitative natural hazards risk assessment and risk management. It has provided insurers with sophisticated research-based solutions for measuring the risks of natural hazards and their effect on communities. Other Risk Frontiers' applications include emergency management, land use planning and floodplain management. As well as Australia, these tools are currently being used in Europe, North America and Asia. Risk Frontiers is lead by Professor John McAneney.

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Expertise: Environmental Science (Faculty of Science, Department of Environment and Geography)

Date: 1994 - Ongoing

The Results

Safer Communities

Street-address natural hazard profiles created for all addresses in Australia.

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World Leading Tools

Risk Frontiers assessment tools are used worldwide and are sponsored by leading insurance companies.

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Macquarie University Expertise

Risk Frontiers was founded on the research excellence of Macquarie University's Department of Environment and Geography which is home to a number of key academics that specialise in:

  • Quantitative natural hazards risk assessment and risk management
  • Emergency management
  • Land use planning
  • Floodplain management
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Our Expertise

  • Project Management
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  • Budgeting
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